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10 Reasons Why You Need Shade For Your Sunshine Coast Business

Last Updated: January 20, 2024

Well, January has been the hottest in recent memory here at Buderim.  Hasn’t the humidity been terrible?  The Sunshine Coast is certainly living up to its name, with gorgeous beaches and a subtropical climate that brings plenty of sunny days.

But while the sunshine fuels the tourism industry here, too much sunlight can present challenges for local businesses, and installing shades and shelters can make a big difference.

Here are 10 key reasons why your Sunshine Coast business needs shade structures:

1. Protect Customers and Staff from Sunburns and Heat Exhaustion

With the UV index frequently reaching extreme levels of 11+ in summer, unprotected sun exposure raises the risks of painful sunburns, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke.

By offering shaded spots, customers and employees have places to cool off and recharge. This is vital for their safety and comfort.

Shaded seating areas allow beachgoers to take a break from the unrelenting afternoon sun. 

For outdoor staff like those working in beach equipment rentals, umbrellas and covered service counters provide safe areas too. 

2. Allow Customers to Stay Outdoors Longer 

When shade is unavailable, many customers will eventually retreat indoors to get relief, cutting your business’ outdoor exposure time. 

With enough shade, customers can enjoy extended outdoor time while remaining comfortable. 

This could lead them to purchase more items, order extra snacks, or rent equipment for longer periods.

For venues like bowling clubs, a Greenline lawn bowl-shaded roof could allow customers to play bowls for far longer and staff to work out of the beating sun, allowing greater safety for everyone and a more usable space.

3. Reduce Cooling Costs

For cafes, retailers, and other businesses that invite customers indoors, a lack of exterior shade means having to heavily blast the air conditioning on hot summer days.

Install ceiling fans, outdoor umbrellas over tables, canvas shade sails, or shade cloths to help naturally reduce indoor heat and associated electricity costs.

A Noosa restaurant with a leafy courtyard cooled by giant beach umbrellas, for example, would likely treat far fewer heat-wilted diners on 40+ degree Celsius afternoons. 

4. Enable Use of Heat-Sensitive Equipment 

Many electronics, appliances, and devices, including tablets, touchscreen kiosks, and point-of-sale equipment, malfunction or shut down when overheated from long-term sun exposure. Keep them functioning properly by placing them under shaded structures.

A shaded bike rental booth prevents tablet payment systems from crashing mid-transaction. 

Sheltered boat tour check-in kiosks likewise stay within the operating temperature range, even on sweltering days.

5. Protect Inventory from Sun Damage

Just as excessive sunlight can damage electronics, UV exposure also causes fading on clothing as well as cracks and leaks on plastic products. 

Minimise stock losses by storing merchandise under shade.

For a shop selling swimwear and beach accessories, installing shade sails above outdoor racks could prevent irreparable fading on printed sarongs and hats. 

An ice cream stand could avoid wasting melted stock if its frozen inventory stays shielded beneath large umbrellas.

6. Draw More Foot Traffic with shaded Structures as Landmarks  

Creative shade installations like sculptured tensile membrane structures act as visually intriguing landmarks that attract curious passersby. 

This extra foot traffic then gets funnelled straight to your business.

For instance, a surf shop’s distinct shade sails resembling gigantic ocean waves might function as an artistic landmark for the neighbourhood. 

Out-of-town visitors and residents would wander over to admire them and potentially pop into the shop.

7. Improve Staff well-being and Productivity

Employees working under shade remain cooler, more energised, and less stressed than those labouring under the harsh sun all day. 

Minimise discomfort and fatigue by installing shade coverage over service counters, workstations, break areas, walkways and parking lots. 

Along with other sun-protective behaviours, beachside resort employees stay refreshed while checking guests in under a shaded reception canopy. 

Lifeguards remain vigilant when sheltered by umbrellas instead of baking all day on exposed towers.

8. Branded Shade Structures  

Vividly printed shade sails, designer shade umbrellas, and custom shade shelters allow you to highlight your brand’s name, logo, and messaging to passersby. It’s inexpensive yet high-visibility advertising.

9. Provide More Seating Areas with Shade Cover 

Adding shaded seating expands your venue’s holding capacity and allows you to accommodate more customers at once. 

Square umbrellas over patio table tops or waterproof shade sails over a beer garden create protected spaces for extra patrons to kick back.

More lunch patrons can chow down on fish and chips if a café has shade sails over its courtyard. 

A beachfront bar draws bigger happy hour crowds when its outdoor section includes shelter.  

10. Increase Property Value With Permanent Shade Structures

Fixed architectural shade additions like latticed pergolas, shutter sun shading, and projecting rafters boost your business location’s value for future sales. 

These integrated shade solutions withstand coastal weather better than removable options like patio umbrellas.

A restaurant with a stylish front-sun pergola or a boutique hotel featuring full-length verandahs shading every room can expect higher potential resale values due to built-in protection from the elements.


The Sunshine Coast’s abundant sunlight blesses the region with natural beauty and tourism, but businesses also need solid shade coverage to beat the summer heat.

By assessing your site’s sun exposure and investing in shade solutions, you ensure better experiences for customers and staff while driving revenue and protecting assets.

Don’t let harsh sunlight hijack your success when sensible shade structures make enjoying the outdoors here more comfortable and safer for everyone.