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Gin Distillery Sunshine Coast: 7 of the Best You Should Know

Last Updated: August 10, 2023
gin distillery sunshine coast

The popularity of gin on the Sunshine Coast is at an all-time high, with different varieties and new brands entering the market. With innovative new brewing methods and a culture of dedicated brew-master who loves to experiment, there are plenty of reasons the gin distillery Sunshine Coast continues to grow. 

Below are some of the Best Gin Distillery Sunshine Coast picks available in Australia! You will indeed find among these seven distilleries a bottle you love.


Sunshine & Sons Distillery

Sunshine & Sons Distillery

Sunshine & Sons spirits are distilled in the lush Sunshine Coast hinterland rainforest, just a short drive from Queensland’s iconic and much-loved Big Pineapple. The finest ingredients are locally sourced, and all spirits are batch-distilled in Maria and Sarah, their imposing and elegant 6,000 and 2,500 litre traditional artisan pot stills. Sunshine & Sons, and their sister rum company Nil Desperandum, produce premium Sunshine Coast spirits, including gin, vodka, coffee liqueur, and rum.

Sunshine & Sons’ products are handcrafted, and they pride themselves on delivering exceptional value for money. It’s everything you love about the Sunshine Coast, and everything they love about great spirits. The best thing is someone else has done all the hard work!

Sunshine & Sons gin and vodka is made on Barossa Valley grape spirit, creating a distinctly smooth and ‘spongy’ spirit, and all other products are proudly made with 100% gluten-free ingredients. Sunshine & Sons work closely with local farmers and producers to ensure that every step of their distilling process is as environmentally conscious as possible – from the production of every drop of spirit, to their small amounts of distilling ‘waste’ being used for benefit in agriculture.

Company Website:

Contact Number: +61 414 885 775

Address: 104 Nambour Connection Rd, Woombye QLD 4559, Australia


Pomona Distilling Co

Pomona Distilling Co

This small-batch boutique distillery specialises in artisan spirits produced with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Pomona Distilling Company is proud to bring you a spirit as pure as the land of Queensland. Their goal is to create a distillery that brings people closer together and makes sense of pride in the community. 

Pomona Distilling Co rooted the spirit behind its brand in the philosophy that they are stewards of the land and care deeply about the environment. They want to share that passion for doing good things through hard work and dedication.

They want to be the drink to share with friends and family, your cause for celebration, your place to meet and your space for creative expression. Most importantly, they want the community members to feel that this is Pomona.

They believe some things are better left to age and wait for you. Pomona gin distillery Sunshine Coast is one of those things inspired by the Pomona spirit the hard working farmers, the small business owner, the heritage and the community.

Company Website:

Contact Number: +61 1300 904 633

Address: 18 Reserve St, Pomona QLD 4568, Australia


20 20 Distillery

20 20 Distillery

20 20 Distillery is in the small coastal town of Cooroy, on the Sunshine Coast. They distil their premium quality gin, vodka, rum and brandy using locally sourced ingredients. They also produce a range of other premium quality spirits, including tequila, whiskey, port wine and sherry.

20 20 Distillery came to its name from its vision of creating a brand that will last for generations. They released their first three gins in September 2020 and planned to release at least 16 different gins every six months. They want to keep the distilling process simple by bottling their products by hand, not compromising the product quality.

They aim to keep their spirit traditional with natural and high-quality ingredients similar to the blend found in London dry gin in 1800. The goal of 2020 Distillery, as one of the best gin distillery Sunshine Coast manufacturers, is to make a simple mixture of malt, yeast, and water that every one will love.

Company Website:

Contact Number: +61 448 007 004

Address: U1/5 Taylor Ct, Cooroy QLD 4563, Australia

Paradise Rum

Paradise Rum

Paradise Rum is on the Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane. It is an adult playground filled with delicious cocktails, tropical drinks and delicious food. This gin distillery is a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. 

They create Caribbean-style rum and botanically infused craft spirits that fulfil your holiday desires. 

Paradise Rum searched the world to bring people the best blends. They distil their gin distillery Sunshine Coast rum for five years before it is hand bottled in-house. Garnish with flair and as colourful as Barbados. Made to be shared, shared for fun, and shared for memories with friends. 

Company Website:

Contact Number: +61 7 4447 1628

Address: 25 Technology Dr, Warana QLD 4575, Australia

Noosa Heads Distiller

Noosa Heads Distillery

Noosa Heads Distillery is an artisan distillery in Noosaville, Queensland, Australia. Their copper pot still is a statement on its own. With a total mass of 3.75 tonnes, this still produces “Fortune” fine spirits. It has various capabilities, with each column different from its predecessor. The home of Noosa gin.

Each Fortune spirit’s unique flavour profile is formed through traditional distilling methods. Noosa Heads Distillery gin is bathed and boiled just like a classic London dry, while it keeps a single malt true to its roots. Hand bottled, hand labelled, a labour of love.

At the inaugural 2019 Royal Australian Spirits Awards, Fortune Noosa Heads Distillery took out three medals for their Signature Dry Gin, Peter Phillips Navy Strength Gin and the soon-to-be-released white cane un-aged Agricole rum.

Company Website:

Contact Number: +61 7 5455 6128

Address: 19 Venture Dr, Noosaville QLD 4566, Australia

Beachtree Distilling Co

Beachtree Distilling Co

Beachtree Distilling Co is in Caloundra, Australia. They aim to create small-batch, handcrafted artisan spirits using local ingredients like natural sugars instead of refined ones and zero waste during production. Beachtree gin distillery Sunshine Coast pick focuses on ethics and sustainable living. 

Beachtree distillery produces premium spirits made from natural ingredients sourced on the Sunshine Coast. Their goal is to provide high-quality spirits at affordable prices. They also aim to educate Sunshine Coast consumers about the benefits of drinking responsibly. Each Beachtree distillery spirit house tells a story about the land and the people there.

Company Website:


Address: 14 Industrial Ave, Caloundra West QLD 4551, Australia

Seabourne Distillery

Seabourne Distillery Noosa Heads

Seabourne Distillery is at the southern end of Noosa Heads, Australia. They capture the land’s and sea’s true essence of a gin distillery Sunshine Coast through distilling and blending. Their products are best enjoyed under the setting sun.

They’re committed to celebrating Noosa’s thriving culture, creating small batch spirits made from an infusion of local botanicals. This gin distillery Sunshine Coast’s spirits are served with a hash of knowledge and appreciation at their open plan bar.

Seabourne Distillery started as a team of friends who wanted to create something unique. The beauty of Noosa, its natural surroundings and the welcoming spirit of the locals inspired them. Their goal was to craft a range of beers and premium spirits that reflected why so many of us fell in love with Noosa – from the magnetic allure of its ocean and the richness of its land to the town that welcomed dreamers and wanderers. 

As proud locals and expert producers, they’re matching their passion for this beautiful place with their supreme technical abilities, crafting exceptional drinks that evoke a small sip of paradise.

Company Website:

Contact Number: N/A

Address: 9 Rene St, Noosaville QLD 4566, Australia


Sunshine Coast gin is experiencing a boom, and we’re handing Australia a boost to the economy. We had fewer than ten gin distilleries in the country five years ago; now, we have over 100, with more opening every month.

It’s difficult to find the best, but we’ve done our best to find the best Gin Distillery Sunshine Coast picks for you. You bring the tonic, and we’ll take care of the rest.


best gin distilleries of the sunshine coast