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Kawana Waters

Hey there, welcome to our little corner of the Sunshine Coast, Kawana Waters. Living here, you really get to see what makes each suburb tick, from Minyama’s quiet waterways to the friendly neighbourhood vibes of Warana, and Birtina’s buzz with its new hospital and health precinct.

It’s a mixed bag, but that’s what we love about it. Whether you’re after a chill beach day, a quick paddleboard at dawn, or just need to run some errands at the local shops, everything’s pretty much on your doorstep.

I’ve been around here for a while now, and I’ve got to say, it’s the community that makes this place. Everyone’s pretty laid back, always ready for a chat or to lend a hand. So, whether you’re thinking of moving in or just passing through, I hope you find that little bit of Kawana Waters magic for yourself. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Kawana Waters is made up of a collection of suburbs, each with their own unique charm.


Buddina is where we locals go for everything – a quick surf in the morning, a shop at Kawana Shopping World, or a lazy afternoon fishing by the river. It’s got that perfect mix of beach vibes and convenience. Point Cartwright is our go-to for a bit of peace, with views that’ll make your Instagram pop. It’s not just the lighthouse that draws the crowds; it’s the sense of community you feel just being around.


Living in Minyama is like being on a permanent holiday with its luxury waterfront houses and a marina that’s always bustling with activity. It’s where the Sunshine Coast’s high life is at its finest, with boats ready to set sail at a moment’s notice. We pride ourselves on the quiet streets and friendly nods as you pass by neighbours – it’s exclusive living, but with a down-to-earth community feel.


Ah, Parrearra, with its canals that meander through the suburb like Venice – if Venice had kangaroos hopping around! Kawana Island, part of Parrearra, is our little secret for a morning walk or cycle. It’s got this blend of serene waterside living and active lifestyle that’s hard to beat. Catching up with mates at one of the local cafes after a paddle around the island is pretty much the perfect weekend.


Warana is the laid-back heart of Kawana Waters. It’s where everyone knows your dog’s name before they remember yours. The beach here is our community’s gathering spot – unspoiled, uncrowded, and unbelievable. Plus, the local markets are not just a place to grab your veggies but a social event where you’re sure to bump into friends.


Birtinya’s on the rise, thanks to the new hospital and health precinct. It’s becoming this vibrant hub where health meets lifestyle. The place is buzzing with professionals and families alike, all drawn by the modern living spaces and the promise of a healthy, active life. The waterfront paths are my favourite for a run or a leisurely bike ride, especially in the cool of the evening.


Wurtulla’s the quintessential beachside suburb where everyone’s out and about early, catching waves or walking the dog along the shore. It’s got a mix of old and new homes, and there’s a real sense of community spirit here. Being so close to Lake Kawana, it’s also the spot for rowing or kayaking. And, let’s not forget the local fish and chip shop – it’s a Friday night tradition.


Oh, Bokarina? It’s where the beach is your backyard, and the community feels like family. You’ll often find the locals strolling along the pristine shorelines at dawn, surfboard under arm, greeting each other with a nod and a smile. The weekends? They’re for cheering on the little ones at nippers or gathering for barbies as the sun dips below the horizon. Bokarina isn’t just a place on the map; it’s where life slows down just enough for you to enjoy every moment. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee from that little café everyone knows or popping over to the local markets, everything here is done with a touch of laid-back coastal charm. Living in Bokarina, you quickly learn that it’s the simple joys that make life rich.


A Vibrant Community Spirit

In the heart of Kawana Waters, the community spirit is not just alive; it’s the thread that weaves through every suburb, creating a tapestry rich with warmth, connection, and shared experiences.

Here, the lifestyle is defined by more than the stunning beaches; it’s shaped by the people who call this place home. Whether it’s gathering for a lively event at Lake Kawana, cheering on local sports teams, or simply sharing stories and laughs at a neighbourhood BBQ, the sense of belonging is very real. The local farmers markets at Sportsmans Parade, Birtinya, a staple of weekend activities, are more than just a place to shop—they’re a place to meet friends, support local artisans, and catch up on community news.

From the annual Christmas boat parade that lights up the canals to beach clean-up days that bring families together for a common cause, every event strengthens the bonds between neighbours. The community centre and libraries are hubs of activity, offering workshops, classes, and groups for all ages, fostering a culture of learning and inclusivity.

Here in Kawana Waters, the community and lifestyle are intertwined, creating an environment where every resident feels part of something bigger, a place where you’re not just welcomed, you’re embraced. It’s this community spirit that makes Kawana Waters not just a beautiful place to live, but a place where life is truly lived. Yeah we really love it here.

Kawana Waters Shoppingworld

Exploring Kawana Waters’ Treasure Trove of Shopping Delights

Let’s take a stroll through the suburbs and uncover the shopping secrets that only us locals know about. Whether you’re after the convenience of major brands or the charm of local markets, each suburb has its own shopping vibe.


Buddina is home to Kawana Shoppingworld, our go-to for just about everything. This place has seen some upgrades, making it a hotspot for locals and visitors alike. You’ve got your Big W and Coles for the essentials, but it’s the Event Cinemas that’s the real treat for movie nights. And for the fitness enthusiasts, there’s even a Jetts Fitness tucked in there.


Minyama might be more known for its gorgeous waterfront homes, but Nicklin Way is where we head for quick grabs. The Minyama Coles is convenient for those mid-week grocery runs. Plus, there’s a range of specialty stores that cater to all those niche needs, from pet supplies to your morning coffee fix.


In Parrearra, we’re lucky to have Kawana Island Shopping Centre. It’s smaller but oh-so handy. The Double Bay Espresso for coffee is a must-try. While we might not have the big department stores here, the charm of local shopping and easy access to services more than makes up for it.


Warana is the place for bulk buys and specialty items. Bunnings Warana is our weekend haunt for DIY projects and garden makeovers. And for the health-conscious, The Fruit Shed offers fresh produce that beats supermarket prices any day. Not to forget, Sunshine Coast Yamaha for boating and fishing enthusiasts looking for their next adventure on the water.


Stockland Birtinya Shopping Centre is the heart of shopping in Birtinya. With Aldi, Coles, and Woolworths, it’s a triple threat for grocery shopping diversity. The centre is also home to Birtinya Optometrist and several eateries that cover everything from sushi to burgers. It’s our little slice of retail heaven.


Wurtulla locals swear by Wurtulla Shopping Village. It’s where you bump into neighbours and catch up on the local gossip. IGA Wurtulla stocks those hard-to-find items, making it a gem for special dinners. Plus, the Wurtulla Pharmacy has been looking after us for years with friendly advice and service.


While Bokarina itself offers a peaceful residential vibe, locals know that everything they need is just around the corner.  Bokarina might offer the tranquility of coastal living, but its proximity to all the shopping hubs means locals enjoy the best of both worlds: peace and quiet at home and the convenience of urban amenities just a short hop away. It’s this blend that makes living in Bokarina so appealing.

Kawana Waters State College

Kawana’s Learning Landscape: Nurturing Minds, Expanding Horizons

Here’s the inside scoop on the schools and childcare options in each suburb, with a local’s insight on what makes each special, including a nod to our nearby university.

School Catchment Zones apply to mosts schools on the Sunshine Coast.  You can explore where the boundaries are for the various schools here.


Buddina State School is our beacon of learning for the little ones, priding itself on a strong community vibe and emphasis on environmental education. For childcare, Goodstart Early Learning Buddina is where many of us trust our toddlers and preschoolers to spend their days, growing and learning in a nurturing environment. High schoolers are usually zoned for Mountain Creek State High School, known for its excellence across academics and sports.


Minyama, mostly residential with a dash of luxury, leans on neighbouring suburbs for education. Kawana Waters State College, just a stone’s throw away, serves both primary and secondary students, offering a seamless education journey from prep to Year 12. The college is well-regarded for its marine science program, a nod to our coastal lifestyle.


Parrearra families often look towards Kawana Waters State College for education, appreciating its close-knit community and broad curriculum. For the younger kids, Pacific Lutheran College in nearby Meridan Plains offers a private education option, blending academic rigour with a strong sense of community and moral development.


Warana might be more known for its beaches and businesses, but when it comes to schooling, Kawana Waters State College is the go-to, providing a comprehensive education that many locals rave about. For the littlies, Warana Community Kindergarten and Preschool offers an early learning program that’s as much about play as it is about the foundational blocks of education.


Birtinya is buzzing not just with health innovation but also with educational opportunities. Baringa State Secondary College, while technically in the neighbouring suburb of Baringa, is a futuristic leaning institution offering cutting-edge facilities and a forward-thinking approach to secondary education. For the younger kids, Birtinya Early Learning Centre is praised for its modern facilities and focus on early childhood development.


In Wurtulla, we’re right in the mix for both Kawana Waters State College and Currimundi State School for the primary-aged kids. The latter is beloved for its community feel and dedication to fostering a love of learning. Talara Primary College is another excellent option, known for its innovative programs and positive school culture.


While Bokarina itself doesn’t have its own schools, families are well-catered for with several options just a stone’s throw away. Kawana Waters State College serves as the cornerstone for both primary and secondary education, renowned for its commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. For those looking at private education, Pacific Lutheran College in nearby Meridan Plains offers a holistic approach to learning from Kindergarten through to Year 12, emphasizing academic excellence, character development, and community service. Childcare needs are met by centres like Goodstart Early Learning in neighbouring Warana, providing quality early childhood education and care. Additionally, the proximity to The University of the Sunshine Coast in Sippy Downs ensures that higher education aspirations are within easy reach, offering a range of undergraduate to postgraduate courses. Bokarina’s strategic location ensures families have access to a diverse array of educational pathways, supporting a community that values learning and personal growth.

University of the Sunshine Coast

sunshine-coast-universityFor those looking beyond secondary education, the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Sippy Downs is our academic crown jewel. USC is celebrated for its friendly campus atmosphere, comprehensive course offerings, and state-of-the-art research facilities. It’s where many of our local graduates aspire to go, drawn by the opportunity to study close to home in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Energizing Kawana: A Hub of Sports and Recreation

In Kawana Waters, our sporting facilities are something we’re pretty proud of, reflecting the active and outdoorsy lifestyle that’s at the core of our community. Starting with the Sunshine Coast Stadium in Bokarina, this top-notch venue not only hosts thrilling rugby league and soccer matches but also serves as a hub for community sports events, bringing us all together in the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Then there’s the Lake Kawana Community Centre, a focal point for a range of activities from kayaking to dragon boat racing, making the most of our beautiful waterways.

For those of us who prefer hitting the pavement or the pedals, the extensive network of bike paths and walking tracks that weave through our suburbs offers the perfect backdrop for a morning jog or a leisurely bike ride with the family. Our local surf clubs, particularly at Bokarina and Warana, are not just a place for lifesaving; it’s a community cornerstone, nurturing a culture of safety, skill, and surf sports. It’s where many of us learned to read the ocean and where weekend competitions keep the spirit of camaraderie alive.

Then there’s the Kawana Aquatic Centre, our local hub for swimmers and water polo players. It’s a place brimming with activity, from lap swimming to intense training sessions for the competitive at heart. The aquatic club within has churned out swimmers who’ve made waves on national levels, proving that our love for the water runs deep.

And let’s not forget the smaller community sports fields and facilities scattered throughout Kawana Waters, where local soccer, cricket, and rugby clubs meet to practice, play, and push each other to be the best they can be.

Whether you’re a top international athlete or just looking to stay active, the range and quality of sporting facilities here truly cater to every level and interest, fostering a healthy, active lifestyle that’s become a hallmark of living in Kawana Waters.

Some of these venues have been ear marked for use during the 2032 Olympic Games as well.


Unlocking Kawana Real Estate: Your Pathway to Ideal Living Spaces


Suburb Median House Price Median Unit Price Median Weekly Rent (House)
Buddina $1,450,000 $842,500 $797
Minyama $2,130,000 $595,000 $1,000
Parrearra $1,240,000 $637,500 $795
Warana $1,395,000 $602,500 $720
Birtinya $920,000 $580,000 $750
Wurtulla $1,165,000 $670,000 $700
Bokarina $1,522,500 $850

Navigating the real estate landscape in Kawana Waters reveals a dynamic and evolving market, characterised by its diversity and the unique appeal of each suburb. Here’s a few of the general trends and specific opportunities that paint a picture of what it’s like to live, invest, and grow in this vibrant part of the Sunshine Coast.

General Real Estate Trends in Kawana Waters:

  1. Growing Demand: A consistent increase in demand across Kawana Waters, driven by its appealing lifestyle, proximity to beaches, and comprehensive amenities. This demand is reflected in steady property value appreciation.
  2. Lifestyle Appeal: Buyers and renters are drawn to the area’s blend of coastal charm and urban convenience, making properties close to the water or with lifestyle features highly sought after.
  3. Development and Infrastructure Growth: Ongoing development projects, particularly in Birtinya and surrounding areas, are enhancing local infrastructure, making the region even more attractive to prospective residents and investors.
  4. Market Diversification: From luxury waterfront homes in Minyama to affordable family residences in Warana and modern apartments in Birtinya, the market caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets.
  5. Investment in Healthcare and Education: The presence of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and a range of educational institutions adds to the area’s appeal, particularly for professionals and families.
  6. Employment Opportunities: being close to the education and healthcare centres, means that there is plenty of employment in these sectors as well as the busy retail sector.

Specific Opportunities Across Kawana Suburbs:

Each suburb within the Kawana Waters region offers its own slice of the Sunshine Coast lifestyle, with real estate trends and opportunities reflecting the unique character and appeal of the area. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront retreat, a family home, or an investment property, Kawana Waters presents a diverse and dynamic market ripe with potential.


Buddina is the jewel in the Kawana crown, where beachside properties are as golden as the sand. It’s not just about the surf; it’s about snagging a spot where the lifestyle lifts your investment portfolio. Holiday rentals here are gold mines, thanks to the foot traffic from Kawana Shoppingworld and the allure of the beach. It’s prime territory for those looking to blend capital growth with solid rental yields.


In Minyama, it’s all about waterfront luxury that commands attention (and top dollar). These properties aren’t just homes; they’re statements. With direct access to the deep blue, Minyama is for the investor looking to anchor their portfolio in the high-end market. The marina lifestyle here isn’t just appealing; it’s aspirational, drawing in a clientele willing to pay premium for the privilege.


Parrearra, with its network of canals, offers a slice of the waterfront dream at a more approachable price point. It’s where savvy investors find value in a market that appreciates the quieter side of coastal living. The rental market is buoyant, buoyed by families and professionals alike seeking a balance between serenity and connectivity. It’s an under-the-radar pick with steady growth prospects at the moment.


Warana is where the smart money goes to find gems ripe for polishing. The suburb’s older homes are canvases for renovation, offering investors the chance to add significant value. Plus, with its strong community vibe and untouched beaches, Warana has a steady rental demand from locals and sea-changers. It’s about spotting potential and transforming it into profit.


Birtinya is the new kid on the block, buzzing with development and brimming with potential. Its proximity to the hospital precinct isn’t just a boon for healthcare professionals; it’s a magnet for investment. New builds here are modern, efficient, and tailored to a growing demand for quality rentals. There are a lot of apartments options here as developers are busy building here. For those looking to get in on the ground floor of a suburb on the rise, Birtinya is your launchpad.


Wurtulla offers a blend of the old and the new, where beachside charm meets modern convenience. It’s a suburb with a dual appeal: established homes with renovation potential and new developments catering to a surge in demand. The trick is in knowing where to look. Beach proximity ups the ante on rental returns, making Wurtulla a balanced choice for both long-term growth and immediate rental appeal.

As a local property investor, knowing the unique characteristics and opportunities each Kawana Waters suburb offers is key to making informed decisions. It’s not just about buying property; it’s about investing in a lifestyle that resonates with renters and buyers alike. Whether it’s the luxury appeal of Minyama, the burgeoning growth of Birtinya, or the untapped potential of Warana, each suburb presents its own set of advantages for the discerning investor.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital

The Centre for Sunshine Coast Healthcare

The healthcare landscape in Kawana Waters reveals an area well-endowed with top-tier medical facilities, underscored by the state-of-the-art Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) in Birtinya. As a local investor with a keen eye on the pulse of our community, I’ve watched how this major hospital has not only revolutionised healthcare for residents but also transformed Birtinya and surrounding suburbs into thriving hubs of wellness and innovation.

SCUH, with its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive range of services, has become a beacon for healthcare professionals and patients alike, offering everything from emergency care to specialised treatments. Its presence has catalysed the development of a health precinct around it, including the Sunshine Coast Health Institute, which provides education and training opportunities in the health sector. This ecosystem has made Birtinya a magnet for medical professionals seeking to live close to work, thereby buoying the local real estate market with a steady demand for quality homes and rentals.

Adjacent suburbs like Wurtulla and Warana benefit greatly from their proximity to SCUH, seeing increased interest from healthcare workers and those seeking easy access to premier medical services. This has contributed to a vibrant, health-conscious community ethos that permeates Kawana Waters, further enriched by a plethora of allied health services, clinics, and wellness centres dotted across the region.

From GP clinics in Warana to specialised health services in Minyama and wellness centres in Buddina, the healthcare landscape here is robust, ensuring residents have access to excellent care within minutes from their doorstep. This comprehensive healthcare network not only ensures the wellbeing of our community but also presents a compelling case for real estate investment, as areas surrounding top-tier medical facilities continue to be highly sought after for their livability, convenience, and long-term value.

Kawana’s Employment Landscape: Opportunities at Every Turn

Diving into the employment landscape of Kawana Waters, it’s clear that this isn’t just a fantastic place to live; it’s also ripe with diverse job opportunities. The crown jewel of employment in the area is undoubtedly the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Birtinya, which has become a major employment hub, not just for healthcare professionals but also for those in administrative, support, and facilities roles. Beyond the hospital, the health precinct around it is burgeoning with opportunities in medical research, education, and allied health services, drawing talent from across the country and nurturing a vibrant professional community.

But healthcare isn’t the only sector thriving in Kawana Waters. The retail industry, particularly in major shopping centres like Kawana Shoppingworld in Buddina, offers a range of employment opportunities from customer service and retail management to logistics and maintenance roles. The construction boom, especially visible in the rapidly developing suburbs like Birtinya and the master-planned community of Aura in the south, has created a steady stream of jobs in construction, trades, and real estate services, reflecting the area’s growth and development trajectory.

Furthermore, the local business parks in Warana cater to a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, and professional services, offering a broad spectrum of career opportunities. The educational institutions throughout Kawana Waters also provide employment in teaching, administration, and support services, contributing to the community’s growth and development.

For locals and newcomers alike, Kawana Waters presents a dynamic job market, supported by a strong economy and a community geared towards innovation and growth. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, educator, tradesperson, or retail specialist, Kawana Waters offers a wealth of opportunities to build a rewarding career within this vibrant Sunshine Coast region.



So that’s the scoop on Kawana Waters, straight from a local who’s seen it evolve and grow. From the time when the David Low Way was a little track winding through the salt bushes, to the health and sporting capital of the Sunshine Coast. From our pristine beaches to the community hubs that keep us all connected, it’s this mix of laid-back lifestyle and convenient living that really sets Kawana apart. Sure, we might not have the flash of bigger regions, but what we do have is a community that genuinely looks out for each other and a lifestyle that lets you enjoy the simple things – like a good coffee by the beach or a quick dip before work. So, whether you’re settling down or just stopping by, Kawana Waters has a way of making you feel right at home. Here’s to finding your own spot in this little slice of the Sunshine Coast.