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Queensland Public Holidays 2024: Perfect Time To Relax On The Sunshine Coast

Last Updated: February 5, 2024
Queensland Public Holidays 2023 And 2024

We all look forward to those little north stars as the year progresses, but have you ever considered how to maximise your public holiday Queensland getaways? If not, this article is for you. Start checking out your QLD public holidays 2022 on the Sunshine Coast and begin planning to make the most of your time.

The Sunshine Coast’s northern coast and hinterland region are a bounty of world-class local produce, award-winning dining options, spectacular landscapes, and sacred Aboriginal sites, far from being the sleepy coastal cousin to the glittering Gold Coast. The best place to spend your vacation!

Even better, Queensland public holidays are spread out throughout the year, allowing you to visit a variety of Sunshine Coast destinations, with a new mini-break arriving almost every three months. Let’s hack those calendars.

For me details on Queensland Public Holidays click here.

How Many Public Holidays in QLD?

On the Sunshine Coast, there are ten national holidays: including New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

New Year’s Day

We celebrated the first day of the year on January 1st. On this day, people celebrate their birthdays, wish each other well, and make resolutions for the coming year.

Australia Day

Australia Day is on January 26th each year. It was first held on January 26, 1986, to commemorate the First Fleet at Sydney Cove. It is now a public holiday in Queensland and many other states of Australia.

Good Friday

Why does the Easter date change every year?
Easter’s exact date varies so much because it actually depends on the moon. The holiday is set to coincide with the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon, the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

It commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christians around the globe observe it as a religious holiday.

Easter Sunday

 It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a religious holiday observed by Christians around the world.

Easter Monday

Australians celebrate Easter Monday in March or April by going out to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather.

Anzac Day

Anzac Day commemorates those who died while serving their country in World War I and II. It is observed on April 25th each year. It is a national day of remembrance in Australia, where people gather to remember the lives lost in war.

Labour Day

The first Monday of September is known as Labour Day in Australia. Australia celebrates Labour Day because people want to show their appreciation to those who work hard for them. They also celebrate Labour Day because they believe that everyone should have equal opportunities.

Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s Birthday is held in October each year. Australia celebrates this day as the birthday of the monarch. It was first held in 1788 and is now a public holiday in Australia. Besides being a national day of celebration, it is also a time to reflect on the achievements of the nation and its people.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is on December 25th each year. On this day, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It comes 40 days after Easter Sunday.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is on December 26th each year. In England, we know it as St. Stephen’s Day. It is a public holiday in Queensland.

They declared other Queensland public holidays at the state and territory levels, but all Australian jurisdictions recognize these ten official national public holidays.

QLD public holidays 2023 & 2024

Holiday 2023 2024
New Year’s Day Sunday 1 January 2023 Monday 1 January 2024
New Year’s Day Holiday Monday 2 January 2023  
Australia Day Thursday 26 January 2023 Friday 26 January 2024
Good Friday Friday 7 April 2023 Friday 29 March 2024
Easter Saturday Saturday 8 April 2023 Saturday 30 March 2024
Easter Sunday Sunday 9 April 2023 Sunday 31 March 2024
Easter Monday Monday 10 April 2023 Monday 1 April 2024
Anzac Day Tuesday 25 April 2023 Thursday 25 April 2024
Labour Day Monday 1 May 2023 Monday 6 May 2024
Ekka Wednesday (Brisbane only) Wednesday 16 August 2023 Wednesday 14 August 2024
King’s Birthday Monday 2 October 2023 Monday 7 October 2024
Christmas Day Monday 25 December 2023 Wednesday 25 December 2024
Boxing Day Tuesday 26 December 2023 Thursday 26 December 2024


On a QLD public holiday, there is plenty to see and do no matter where you are on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities or adult inspiration, Sunshine Coast offers plenty of things for your public holiday Queensland getaway.

A public holiday is something we all look forward to. They provide a welcome break for those fortunate enough not to work these days. A day to unwind and relax, or to get active and spend time outside. Some people plan their days out weeks in advance, planning trips abroad or long weekend getaways. Others awaken with no idea what to do. Whether you prefer a quiet day or something more exciting on the Sunshine Coast, we have you covered!