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Sunshine Coast Tattoo Shop: 10 Best Tattoo Studios To Pay A Visit Today

Last Updated: June 8, 2023
Sunshine Coast Tattoo Shop

When it comes to inking your body with indelible art, nothing short of an exceptional customer experience will do. Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo aficionado looking to expand your canvas with a new tattoo, or a first-timer seeking a memorable initiation into the world of ink, the Sunshine Coast offers a myriad of premium tattoo studios with amazing artists at the helm. These masters of the craft specialize not only in popular designs like full-sleeve tattoos but also offer custom pieces that bring your unique tattoo ideas to life. From the best tattooists in traditional and modern styles to specialized cosmetic tattoo studios, this coastal paradise is a hotbed for creativity, skill, and quality.

If you’re on the hunt for a Sunshine Coast tattoo shop, you’re in luck. There are plenty of talented studios to choose from. But with so many options, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 of the best tattoo studios on the Coast. 

So whether you’re looking for a traditional piece or something a little more out there, these shops will have you covered. Happy hunting!

Celebrity Ink Tattoo

Celebrity Ink Tattoo, Maroochydore

Celebrity Ink Tattoo is located in Sunshine Plaza, specialising in a wide variety of tattoo designs, including portraits, animals, flowers, tribal, geometric, and much more. 

Their studio offers professional services to ensure each client receives the best possible experience. Whether seeking a new piece or just getting something special done for yourself, they can create the perfect tattoo for you. Celebrity Ink Tattoo is committed to bringing your story to life and fulfilling your creative vision.

As the world’s most trusted Sunshine Coast tattoo shop operating globally, Celebrity Ink has set the standard for quality tattoos, customer experience, self-expression, freedom of choice, and impeccable hygiene, among others. Their professional team of tattooists and technicians are committed to delivering the best experience to ensure that you genuinely make your mark on the body in the most memorable way possible. 

Celebrity Ink Tattoos has set the bar for quality artistry, superior tattoos and exceptional customer service – Find out why Celebrity Ink Tattoos is the leading tattoo brand.


Address: GD 147A 148 Sunshine Plaza, 154/164 Horton Parade, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Phone: 0432 324 272


Wabori House Tattoo

Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Wabori House Tattoo is a mecca for fans of traditional Japanese tattooing. This premium tattoo studio is renowned for offering an exceptional customer experience from the moment you walk through its intricately designed doors. The studio is led by amazing artists who are not just tattooists but also scholars of the centuries-old Japanese art of “Wabori,” the intricate, hand-poked technique.

Eli Ferguson specialises in the traditional Japanese style of Irezumi, or Wabori, creating large-scale custom Japanese tattoo designs for each individual wearer.

At Wabori House, each custom piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail, embodying the aesthetics and philosophies of Japanese culture. Their expertise isn’t limited to full-sleeve tattoos featuring dragons, koi fish, and samurais; they also excel in smaller yet equally stunning pieces that captivate the essence of Japanese artistry. The atmosphere within the studio harmonizes modern hygiene standards with traditional Japanese elements, making it a unique cosmetic tattoo studio in the Sunshine Coast region.

So if you’re in search of a new tattoo that stands as a testament to both personal meaning and exceptional artistry, Wabori House is an unbeatable choice. Here, your tattoo ideas come to life in the form of timeless art, solidifying its reputation as one of the best places to get your next tattoo.


Address: 37 Sara Place Ilkey QLD 4554


Infinity Cosmetic Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo Designs, Buderim

Infinity Tattoo Designs specializes in creating realistic, ultra-natural cosmetic and body tattoos. They also offer many services, including laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. Their talented staff can help you create unique designs that will last forever!

A famous Sunshine Coast tattoo shop among beginners and veterans alike, the studio offers professional tattooing services to help you achieve your artistic body vision.

Infinity Tattoos is the place to go for an all-female team to bring your tattoo desires to life. Founded in 2012 by Alicia, the studio offers a variety of styles, including minimalistic designs, bold colourwork, and detailed eyebrow tattoos. With a wide range of techniques, the artists can help you create any design you desire. 

Whether you’re looking for something simple, such as a butterfly or flower, or something elaborate, such as a dragon or tribal pattern, they’ll work with you to make your vision come to life.


Address: Buderim QLD, 4556

Phone: 0408 279 493

Ocean Ink

Ocean Ink, Pacific Paradise

For those who live on the Pacific Paradise, Ocean Ink Tattoo can be your friendly neighbourhood tattoo parlour, but of course, a little edge to it! With clean, minimalist interiors, it provides an inviting atmosphere even for first-time clients. Notable, the Sunshine Coast tattoo shop tattooists here provide majestic watercolour tattoos, other than the conventional black and grey ones. 

With a well-lighted and vast space that accommodated many clients, Ocean Ink Tattoo became a place to come back to, especially for people who are up for the task of massive tattoos. Most of their most prized artworks were their portraits. Wherein faces were sketched and coloured into the likeness of a realistic painting.

Their artists can do almost anything from characters to famous works of art; they even offer hand-poked tattoos for those who want a unique experience. Check out the original artists on their website to see what style suits you best.


Address: 1/648 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise QLD 4564

Phone: 07 5352 3167

White Tiger Tattoo

White Tiger Tattoo, Noosaville

White Tiger Tattoo Co is a welcoming, privately owned Sunshine Coast studio steps from the Noosa River. Their creative space is home to some of the most skilled local and international guest artists.

They specialize in custom body artwork and offer various design options and styles. White Tiger Tattoo provides a relaxed environment where clients feel confident about getting a tattoo. Whether you’re looking for a simple black and white design or something elaborate and full of colour, White Tiger Tattoo has the experience and talent to create a masterpiece.

White Tiger Tattoo, one of the leading Sunshine Coast tattoo shops, takes pride in offering the highest customer service and satisfaction. They strive to provide the safest environment for their customers, so they only hire tattoo artists who have completed extensive training and testing and are certified by the State Board of Health. Their artists also carry infection control licences and use the finest materials and equipment to ensure your safety.


Address: Shop 4/10 Thomas St, Noosaville QLD 4566

Phone: 07 5470 2630

Foundry Tattoo

Foundry Tattoo, Mooloolaba

Established in 2008 by five tattoo enthusiasts, Foundry Tattoo was born out of a shared passion for tattooing and an awareness of the lack of good-quality tattoo studios in the area. They wanted to provide their own space where people could come in, get fantastic service and leave feeling great about themselves.

Located in Mooloolaba, the name Foundry Tattoo is a reflection of the industry that surrounds them. They exist to be an exciting creative space that continually pushes the boundaries of conceptual artwork. 

Not only do they focus on the intimate process of creating lasting fine art, but they also believe that this art form belongs to people from all walks of life with many different artistic backgrounds. Foundry Tattoo, a Sunshine Coast tattoo shop, is glad to exist for you.

Although Foundry Tattoos loves their enthusiastic clients, they would prefer to make a reservation so their artists can prepare and spend that one-on-one time with you.


Address: 4a/2 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Phone: 07 5444 7567

Old Church Tattoo

Old Church Tattoo, Wurtulla

At Old Church Tattoo, they strive to provide clients with the best quality tattoos in a relaxing, friendly, and safe environment. Their goal is to stay on the cutting edge of tattooing technology, including the equipment and pigments utilized, the processes used to apply the art, and the techniques used to ensure your safety. 

Whether looking for a classic black and grey design or something new and modern, Old Church Tattoo can help you achieve your vision.

Old Church Tattoo offers a variety of tattoo designs and styles to suit every taste. This Sunshine Coast tattoo shop offers an extensive selection of custom tattoo designs and styles, including traditional, tribal, geometric, floral, hand-drawn, realistic, manga, anime, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, punk, gothic, pinup, body art, realism, traditional style, tribal style, and much more. 

Their artists are highly experienced; they can produce excellent results. You will not find better quality anywhere else!


Address: Wurtulla Shopping Village, 14/614 Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

Phone: 07 5493 3502

Kulture Waves Tattoo Studio

Kulture Waves Tattoo, Caloundra

Kulture Waves Tattoo is an excellent place for people who love tattoos and want to get one done professionally. They offer high-quality, industry-leading art and a unique atmosphere. This Sunshine Coast tattoo shop staff specializes in all areas of the tattoo, including realism, portraits, traditional, modern and custom designs.

The studio has assembled a team of the best artists around the Sunshine Coast to help in all aspects of the design process in the most professional setting possible.

Kulture Waves Tattoo, conveniently located in downtown Caloundra, is an exciting destination for serious tattoo collectors; every artist is friendly and certified and has an entire private room to focus on your custom tattoo needs.

Look at their portfolios, and you’ll see that they can handle any style!


Address: Shop7/65 Bulcock St, Caloundra QLD 4551

Phone: 07 5438 0420

Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Sunshine Coast

Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Sunshine Coast

You’ll feel comfortable, welcome, and at home when you step inside their lavish studio. They pride themselves on surpassing your expectations. They believe in the power of improving your natural beauty and self-confidence through their exclusive and cutting-edge cosmetic tattooing treatments.

Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Sunshine Coast provides high-quality services in body art such as tattooing, piercing and hair removal. We offer our clients a wide range of body art techniques, including traditional tattooing methods, feather touch, ombre brows, eyeliner tattooing, lip tattooing and much more. Their friendly and professional staff will take care of your every need, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

While having a comprehensive background in the beauty industry, this Sunshine Coast tattoo shop has dedicated its time to perfecting body arts, cosmetic tattoos, micro blading and all permanent makeup procedures. 

With a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for what she does, you can trust that you’re in the right hands!


Address: Donnelly House, 1A/79 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Phone: 0407 100 333

Coolum Tattoo

Coolum Tattoo

Coolum Tattoo Studio is a custom tattoo studio offering a wide range of creative tattoo designs and styles per your choice and opinion. The Sunshine Coast tattoo shop has a trained artist team proficiently at creating custom and vintage tattoos.

Their tattooists transform the ideas into a stunning collection of body art. The studio’s staff goes above and beyond to ensure their customers have an outstanding experience. Coolum Tattoo strives to provide exceptional customer service with a personalized approach. They create your process with quality needles and ink materials to obtain the desired results that consistently exceed the client’s expectations.

You can contact them and request a free consultation slot to understand the design process and cost better. Coolum Tattoo is your one-stop shop for all things tattoo.

Coolum Tattoo has you covered if you’re looking for some of the most stunning tattoo designs created by truly talented artists.


Address: 15 Heathfield Rd, Coolum Beach QLD 4573

Phone: 07 5473 9886

Mr Ink Tattoo & Barber Lounge

Mr Ink Tattoo & Barber Lounge

Mr Ink Tattoo and Barber Lounge is a unique Sunshine Coast tattoo shop located in Maroochydore where you can go to get any tattoo done. Their friendly staff will take care of your needs. 

They’re not only a great place to get a tattoo, but they also do haircuts and beard trims. They offer both traditional and modern styles of tattooing, so no matter what kind of tattoo you’re looking for, they’ll find it somewhere within their walls.

Their studio is a collection of tattoo memorabilia, and they proudly display it in various ways. Each piece is designed to entice the customer into an intimate relationship, from walls, tables, and shelves to hanging lights and mirrors. Whether they’re interested in a little souvenir from their trip abroad or something to spruce up the home decor, their collections help define who they are.

Mr. Ink Tattoo and Barbershop also offer laser tattoo removal. No tattoo is too large or small, and they encourage you to come in and let them help create the perfect piece for you! They also offer a full array of stylist and barber services to all men, women and children. Feel free to drop in and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere they’ve created.


Address: Shop 6/15-17 Ocean St, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Phone: 07 5457 0140

So there you have it—the Sunshine Coast is teeming with talent, from the best tattooists skilled in intricate custom pieces to cosmetic tattoo studios offering semi-permanent makeup options. With an amazing artist for every style, taste, and vision, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your next tattoo. A premium tattoo isn’t just a mark on the skin; it’s an indelible testament to a moment, a feeling, or a belief. As you scroll through your preferred studio’s portfolio and settle on your tattoo ideas, you’ll realise that the journey is as enriching as the ink itself. Remember, your skin is a canvas, and with the exceptional customer experience offered here, you’ll turn that canvas into a masterpiece.