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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast, a region that truly lives up to its name with its abundantly sunny weather, temperate climate, and blue skies that stretch as far as the eye can see. Named one of Australia’s sunniest regions, the Sunshine Coast offers residents and visitors an enviable climate that is perfect for a laid-back, outdoor lifestyle.


Climate Overview:

The Sunshine Coast boasts a subtropical climate with mild, pleasantly cool winters and warm, bright summers. The average daily temperature ranges from 21-29 degrees Celsius in the summer (December to February) and 10-22 degrees Celsius in winter (June to August).



Summers on the Sunshine Coast are warm and slightly humid, with average highs peaking around 29 degrees Celsius. However, the sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean often temper the heat, making for delightful beach days. It’s also the region’s wettest season, with afternoon thunderstorms being quite common. But don’t worry – these showers typically pass quickly, often giving way to beautiful rainbows and spectacular sunsets.


Autumn and Spring:

Autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November) are particularly pleasant times on the Sunshine Coast. With temperatures averaging between 15-25 degrees Celsius, these seasons are perfect for exploring the outdoors, be it hiking in the hinterland or long walks on the beach. Rainfall is less frequent during these seasons, and the area is often bathed in bright, clear sunshine.



Winter on the Sunshine Coast is mild and dry, with average daytime temperatures ranging between 10-22 degrees Celsius. The winter months (June to August) offer beautifully clear and sunny days, followed by cooler nights. It’s the perfect time for a campfire under the stars or a cozy evening indoors.


Whether you’re soaking up the sun on one of our stunning beaches, exploring our lush hinterlands, or simply enjoying a coffee at a local café, the weather on the Sunshine Coast contributes to our region’s relaxed, joyful lifestyle. So come prepared with your sunscreen, hat, and a great pair of sunglasses, and get ready to enjoy living under our brilliant blue skies.


Please note: Weather can be unpredictable, and while this guide gives a general overview of what to expect, we recommend checking a reliable forecast for up-to-date information.

Mean maximum temperature (°C)28.628.627.625.623.321.220.821.724.025.426.728.125.2
Mean minimum temperature (°C)21.321.219.816.813.711.49.410.013.115.817.919.815.9
Mean rainfall (mm)33623610911284643722191930791126
Mean rain days14.714.415.115.816.615.913.511.010.610.710.413.0161.1

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