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Sunshine Coast Weather October

Average October weather on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

The minimal temperature (usually the lowest temperature recorded in the evening) for the Sunshine Coast in October is 15.7°C. The amount of rain that falls in October is typical, at 75mm on average. The average rainfall is seven days in a row. The maximum temperature during the day is around 25.6°C. If you like looking at a clear blue sky and are a fan of the sun, this is the best time to visit the Sunshine Coast with 255 hours of sunshine.

What do you think of wearing in October? Travelers to Sunshine Coast should have a waterproof rain jacket as it's likely to rain. Make sure to bring shorts or an outfit since it could be extremely hot or hot.

Min Temperature15 °C
Max Temperature25 °C
Average Sea Temperature20°C
Average Humidity70% to 90%
Sunshine Hours255
Daylight Hours
Beginning of Month to End of Month Approx. Times
Daylight Trend: Days shortening - later sunrises earlier sunsets
Sunrise 5:27am - 4:58am
Sunset 5:47pm - 6:04pm
Chance of Rain23%
Rainy Days7

What is the weather like On the Sunshine Coast in October?


This month on the Sunshine Coast experiences rapidly increasing cloud cover. The number of time skies is overcast or mostly cloudy rising from 15% to 27%.

The clearest day of the month is October 1st, which has the skies clear and mostly or partly cloudy weather most of the time.

Weather Forecast Sunshine Coast 7 Days

Weather in October On the Sunshine Coast


The definition of a rainy day is one that is characterized by a minimum of 1.016 mm of liquid or equivalent liquid precipitation. For Sunshine Coast, the chance of having a rainy day during the month of October is quickly increasing beginning the month at 17% and finishing at 25%.


To demonstrate the variations within the month, and not only the total for the month and not just the total monthly amount, we display the rain collected over a sliding 31-day period, with each day being the center.

It is estimated that the average sliding 31 day rain in October on the Sunshine Coast is rapidly increasing beginning with 45.72 mm, at which point it seldom over 104.14 mm or is below 7.62 mm. Then, it ends the month with 81.28 mm, which is when it seldom exceeds 160.02 mm or is less than 20.32 mm.


In the month of October on the Sunshine Coast, the length of the day is growing. From the beginning until the close of the month the duration of the day is increased to approximately 46 minutes which is equivalent to a daytime rise by 1 minute 31 seconds and a weekly rise in the amount of 10 minutes and 38 secs.

The shortest date of the month falls on Oct. 1 which has 12 hours and twenty minutes of daylight. The longest day falls on the 31st of October with 13 hours and 5 minutes of daylight.

The most recent dawn of October on the Sunshine Coast is 5:27 AM on October 1. The first sunrise was just 29 mins earlier, at 4:18 AM on the morning of October 31.

The earliest sunset time is 5:47 pm on October 1 and the latest sunset occurs 17 minutes later, at 6:04 pm on October 31st.


We base our humidity level of comfort on the dew point since it is the determining factor in whether sweat will evaporate from your skin, which in turn cools the body. Dew points that are lower in dew feel drier and higher dew points are more humid. In contrast to temperature, which usually changes significantly from night to day, the dew point tends to shift more slowly. therefore, while temperatures may decrease at night, a hot day is usually followed by a hot night.

The probability that a certain day will be humid on Sunshine Coast is rapidly increasing in October, increasing from 11% to 26% in the course of the month.


This section focuses on the broad-area hourly average wind direction (speed as well as direction) at 10 meters above the ground. The amount of wind that is experienced at any particular location is highly dependent on the local topography, as well as other factors, and the speed and direction vary significantly from hourly averages.

The average hourly speed of wind for the Sunshine Coast is essentially constant in October, staying between 0.2 miles a minute from 8.8 miles/hour all through.

Water Temperature

Sunshine Coast is located near the shores of a large area of freshwater (e.g. ocean sea, large lakes). This report focuses on the average wide-area surface temperature of the water.

The temperature of the water's surface of the Sunshine Coast is gradually increasing in October, increasing by -16.67°C , from 21.667°C to 22.778°C, during the course of the month.

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